How to Accommode the Older Worker

How do you begin to put measures in place to accommodate older workers into your business?

  1. Identify your current open roles and those you expect to hire for in the next 18 months.
  2. Forget about duties and responsibilities for these roles. Determine the five or fewer outcomes that the people will need to achieve to be successful.
  3. Ask yourself, what strengths or innate abilities are required to successfully achieve these outcomes?
  4. Look at your existing staff (especially those who are about to retire or whose roles are going to be changing) and ask yourself who has the strengths you will require in the new roles.
  5. Identify the training required to re-skill these existing employees, and determine how that training can be delivered and at what cost.
  6. Compare the cost of retraining existing staff with hiring from the outside (using 75–200 percent of an existing employee’s annual salary as the benchmark).
  7. If you do need to hire from the outside, ask yourself what other positions or industries hire people with these same strengths you require — then look for those.