What are the best senior citizen job opportunities?

Nationally, North Carolina is 9th in the Population over 65

With North Carolina ranking 9th nationwide in the population of people over 65, if you were asked, 'what are the best senior citizen job opportunities in NC, WNC, or Asheville?' - how would you reply?

As a member of the Experienced Workforce Initiative of Western North Carolina, Holistic Info Tech (HIT) Marc Czarnecki replied:

'a WNC Community College Lifelong Learning Network' to share our life's experience

Why a WNC Community of Lifelong Learners?

The University of NC at Asheville's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has a long-term proven record of providing senior opportunities.  With age comes wisdom and community stewardship and the concept of lifelong learning opportunities need to be expanded.

Why should our NC Community College system steward this direction?
  1. Student attendance is stagnant or declining at many NC community colleges.  New directions are needed.
  2. The community college network has:
    • Classrooms for meeting spaces
    • Accessibility of parking, handicap entrances, restrooms, and other resources
    • Strong broadband for dependable video conferencing among other area experienced workers
    • Connections to NC Works employment security commission and the Department of Revenue
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Thanks to the EWI WNC that shared this survey:

  • Jack Henry, Director of People Operations at the YMCA of Western North Carolina
  • Ali Climo - Coordinator, Buncombe County Aging Plan, Consultant, NC Center for Aging Research and Education Services