WAKE to New Opportunities


How will we rise to the challenges of post-COVID?  

What opportunities will there be?  

What are the health considerations for an older worker?

Who is your advocate?

How can you leverage technology to help you?

In Asheville, Karen Sanders applies new tech skills to market herself and her business to provide patient advocacy and a training institute for others to learn how to 'take their nurse skills' and notch them forward to start their own patient-advocacy business.  

RN Patient Advocacy began in 2015 as a tool for Karen to extend her nurse and nurse education skills to patients and RN students throughout the United States.  

Today Karen leverages many online tools to engage an audience of nurses that are stretched-thin in a healthcare system that is hard for most to understand.  It is an opportunity, as an experienced worker; that Karen's takes her skills and supports patients and students in learning more about the healthcare system.

The Experienced Workforce Initiative (EWI) or Asheville 50+ works is thrilled to have Karen's leadership for the older worker returning to the workforce; or an employer seeking to learn more on how to attract the older worker.

In Karen's business, opportunities are found and leveraged with:

Will you WAKE and rise to the new opportunities of post-COVID today? 

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