Older Americans report higher levels of age discrimination in the workplace, but it's getting harder to prove in court (BI)

Highlights of the Business Insider article linked below:

  • According to the AARP, 78% of older workers saw or experienced age discrimination in 2020.
  • Proving age discrimination in court, however, is difficult and can take years.
  • A 2009 Supreme Court case raised the bar for what older workers need to prove in court.
  • This article is part of a series called "The Cost of Inequity," examining the hurdles that marginalized and disenfranchised groups face across a range of sectors.

Russell-Kraft, S. (2021, June 30). Older Americans report high levels of age discrimination. Business Insider; Business Insider. https://www.businessinsider.com/cost-of-inequity-age-discrimination-costs-economy-billions-2021-6