Worker Continuum - Start with Exploring a Career Change

Explore - Engage - Earn

Careers evolve with lifelong learning.  As we get older we have a diversity of life experiences that can help us define careers that stay the same or explore new careers with some degree of changes.

Explore A Career Change

What are considerations for a work-change?

  • Access your skills, interest, experiences with:

Encore Engagement

Elevate with innovators and idea-makers with to work towards social problems. 

Volunteer or work part-time or stipend to diversify your skills and network to new opportunities.

Also consider an apprenticeship.

Discover New Earning Potential

Earn a worth comparable to others.  Research with tools like:
  • O*Net -  Career exploration and job analysis including earnings.
  • Network with resources like Meetup and Facebook /LinkedIn Groups
  • Entrepreneurship - work for yourself
  • Remote work opportunities from home

The Workforce Continuum