Upskilling & Reskilling - Why?


Why should upskilling and reskilling become part of your strategy as an employer or employee?

4 Strategic Tips

  1. Focus on skills - it is the language of the business.
    • Demonstrates commitment to employees.
    • Embraces social responsibility through inclusivity.
    • Offers a positive impact on a variety of industries by solving skill shortages.
    • Uses data-driven solutions, resulting in a constant renewal of workforce performance.
  2. Knowledge Sharing, especially from the 'experienced workers.'
  3. Engage in Apprenticeships.  They offer organizations a diverse pool of nontraditional hires who become dedicated employees with customized skills.
  4. Partner with Schools - Educational institutions prepare students with life skills, so when educational institutions partner with businesses for student employment, the relationship prepares students to be productive future employees.

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