Do you want a remote job? Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.


by Marc Czarnecki, Web Tech Czar

Although working from home may have several attractive benefits, find those opportunities requires some updates:
  • Resume
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Your Website and Social Media Resources

Let Your Community Know - "I am available for remote work"


A resume is still a foundation document of your past employment and skills.  Does your resume reflect your 'remote work' aspirations?

"Explicitly note any remote or hybrid roles. Wherever you’ve held a role that involved working remotely, even part of the time, add that into your description of those job experiences."

Online Posts

Because LinkedIn is considered professional social media, shout-out your experience and highlight your remote-relevant skills.  Don't be afraid to make posts or videos to promote your skillsets.  Making your friend networks on Facebook or Twitter aware of your remote work aspirations.

Entrepreneurial experiences with E-Bay, Etsy, AirBNB or other platforms can help you expand your learned skills.  

Digital Collaboration Skills

COVID has made us more digitally savvy.  Prepare a list of what and how you leveraged the internet for communication and learning.  Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and other video platforms have become an expectation for remote working.  How have you successfully leveraged these toolsets?

Contact the Author Marc Czarnecki

In Asheville, NC Marc is a Digital Navigator on the Experienced Workforce Initiative Leadership Team at NCWorks Career Center at 48 Grove Street.  

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