Work/Life Balance Job Fair


Work/Life-Balance Job Fair 

Thursday, August 11 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 

WNC Ag. Center Expo Building (Gate 5) 
775 Boylston Hwy Fletcher, NC 28732

Recent surveys show that as many as 60% of job seekers say a poor work-life balance is a dealbreaker when they're considering a new job. 

Employers participating in this job fair value a positive work/life balance and strive to offer many of these benefits, including: 

* Childcare/eldercare support
* Diversity/equity/inclusion
* Educational & training support
* Family-friendly work environment
* Family fun days
* Flexible scheduling
* Health & wellness benefits
* Healthy work environment
* Hybrid (work from home and office)
* Maternity/paternity leave
* Paid leave
* Part-time work
* Opportunities for community engagement
* Remote work
* Rental discounts
* Retirement/pension plan
* Special interest groups