Age-Friendly Guide & Checklist

Is your organization planning or managing an age-friendly location?

Checklist of Age-Friendly Features

  • Registration desks/tables an accessible-height? 
  • Accessible bathrooms? 
    • How many ADA accessible stalls? 
  • Adequate lighting? 
  • Functioning sound system? 
  • Easy to read signage?
  • Close to public transportation? 
  • Entrance 
    • Accessible for patrons using mobility devices – scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.? 
    • Are there handrails to assist those with mobility impairments into the facility?
    • Are there automatic doors? 
    • Are the doorways 32 inches wide with the door open 90 degrees?
    • Are elevators functioning? Are the buttons reachable for those in a scooter/ wheelchair?
  • Room or event space set up to facilitate mobility? 
    • Are hallways/ travel routes unobstructed? 
  • Designated ADA parking that is in close proximity to the entrance of the event?
  • Path of travel from parking to the event accessible and safe?
  • Designated areas that address temperature concerns/needs? 

Marketing/ Registration, Training for Staff/ Volunteers, Evaluation/ Survey