What are the best practices with LinkedIn?


Rick Guthrie shares his professional recruiter insights on LinkedIn technology for the regional area of Asheville, Greenville, Knoxville, and Charlotte.  

5 Areas Reviewed

  1. What do recruiters look for in LinkedIn?
  2. What information to have on LinkedIn?
  3. How to leverage LinkedIn?
  4. What is the LinkedIn matching process?
  5. What are common mistakes on LinkedIn?
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02:43 Rick Guthrie, Regional Executive Recruiter 
04:15 LinkedIn Technology as a Tool
04:55 Keywords in LinkedIn
05:20 What are employers hiring on LinkedIn? .
05:45 Chronological employment listing in LinkedIn
05:55 What does a LinkedIn profile look like?
06:16 Profile picture on LinkedIn. how should it look?
06:53 What is the importance of a LinkedIn title?
07:07 About section of LinkedIn
07:48 Objective of 'looking for an opportunity'
08:10 Contact information on LinkedIn profile
08:31 How is LinkedIn like a business card?
09:07 Activity section of LinkedIn - posts, articles following, experience
09:46 More information, details on LinkedIn
10:06 Education on LinkedIn profile
10:26 Licenses or certifications on LinkedIn
10:35 Skills on LinkedIn
10:57 Interests on LinkedIn profile
11:26 How often has a user looked at their profile?
12:09 Dislocated workers not currently on a job, employed through present; honesty
14:55 What value is a skills test on LinkedIn?
16:05 Should all job experience be listed in LinkedIn?
16:48 How many years of employment should be listed on LinkedIn?
17:40 Gap in employment in LinkedIn
19:12 Changing careers, from military into workforce
20:42 What is important to include on your LinkedIn profile?
21:58 Contract work vs full time work
24:00 Looking for a new position
24:27 What is least important on a LinkedIn profile?
25:20 Process for matching
26:50 Best way to get a job is through your network
28:00 How many recruiters use social media?  Google search your name
30:15 Social media links on your LinkedIn profile
32:06 Best approach to look for a job without letting your current employer know about searches
34:50 Your objectives
35:17 Remote work, how to specify hybrid work
37:25 Assessing fluency in a language skill
38:48 Growing or knowing needed skillsets
40:00 NCWorks, ONet, CareerOneStop for information
41:15 No no's on LinkedIn
42:18 NCWorks Career Center Asheville LinkedIn Workshops
42:45 Rodney Embler - LinkedIn Workshops at NCWorks Career Center
44:51 Objectives to start a job search
46:34 What can you do to contribute to the company?
46:45 Link-up with a great company as my last job
48:01 Sharing interests in the field, skills to the table
49:02 Posting articles in LinkedIn, sharing information
49:25 LinkedIn Learning and certificates posted
50:32 Salary negotiations
53:05 General or soft skills on a LinkedIn profile
54:12 Following-up with a recruiter 
55:10 How to get over fear in leaving a job for a new opportunity?