Retired but Want to Work? Try These 10 Low-Stress Jobs for Seniors

You've clocked out for the last time but still have the urge to be productive and earn some extra income.

Retirement doesn't mean you have to stop working. 

Here are 10 low-stress jobs perfect for seniors who want to continue working without the hassle.

  1. Customer Service Representative

  • Why: Use your life experience to solve problems.
  • Where: Retail stores, call centers, online.

  2. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

  • Why: Stay active, spend time with pets.
  • Where: Local neighborhoods, pet sitting platforms.

3. Consultant

  • Why: Leverage your career knowledge.
  • Where: Industry events, freelancing websites.

4. Library Assistant

  • Why: Peaceful environment, access to books.
  • Where: Public and university libraries.

5. Tutor

  • Why: Share your expertise, flexible hours.
  • Where: Schools, tutoring centers, online.

6. Handyman Services

  • Why: Use your hands, help others.
  • Where: Local listings, word of mouth.

7. Craft/Sewing Instructor

  • Why: Share your skills, socialize.
  • Where: Community centers, online courses.

8. Driver/Rideshare

  • Why: Meet people, set your schedule.
  • Where: Ridesharing apps, transportation services.

9. Gardening Assistant

  • Why: Spend time outdoors, stay active.
  • Where: Nurseries, private homes.

10. Tour Guide

  • Why: Share local history, stay active.
  • Where: Museums, historical sites, city tours.


Retirement offers the freedom to explore low-stress jobs that can bring fulfillment and extra income. There's something out there for everyone. What are you waiting for?  

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